Hi! I´m Irina. I´m here to make food your best friend, not the enemy! I´m here to share with you my knowledge about nutrition, health, lifestyle, beauty, sport, cooking and much more! I´m here to help you to Eat, Live and Love!

Welcome to my blog!

What is FG?

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We live in an interesting time.

Did you notice that people started to hate everything: other people, food, weather, politics, TV? Did you notice that people became more angry and anxious? Ones are ashamed of their lives, others hate them for it. Ones eat and drink everything, promoting their freedom, others hate them for it as they can´t do the same, otherwise, it will be + 5kg on a scale.

Skinny people hate fat people, fat people hate skinny people. Each of them has its own weapons of war- fitness and extreme diets on one hand and fat- acceptance movement on the other hand. Each of them has its own communities, followers, and influencers. What should do an average person? What should a young girl think, who can’t lose weight? Or what should think a girl, who weighs 45kg and can´t gain weight? What should think the woman, if she is afraid to eat as she is not thin enough?

It is very easy to blame someone without knowing a background. Nobody knows that the first girl is not just fat, she has diabetes. People don´t care that the woman became a mother month ago and didn´t have time to get in shape. Nobody knows that the second girl really wants to gain weight, but her body says “NO”! One sentence to all- you are different, you are not perfect for this world, you don´t want to take care of yourself, you are body shamed!

Body Shame and Eating Disorders

The body shame is as it sounds – a disgrace that is related to the body. The individuals who don’t live in a socially acknowledged body will probably encounter this shame, regardless of whether it comes from their very own self-comparison or from the judgment they get from others. It is very sad to admit that this brings people to a very deep hole named Eating Disorder.

According to eating disorders statistics estimated by the National Eating Disorder Association, there are more like 70 million people in the world suffer from an eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa or binge eating disorder. 

Who Am I?

Hi! I´m Irina, I have Orthorexia Nervosa and want to kick ass to my eating disorder. I want to help myself and other women with eating disorders to release the stress and fear, caused by food, the necessity to eat, count calories and restrict ourselves to live the best lives! I´m here to share my story with you, I´m here to give my tips on how to fight with the demons in your head, I´m here to share with you my knowledge about nutrition, health, lifestyle, beauty, sport, cooking and much more. I´m here to make food your best friend, not the enemy! I will help you to Eat, Live and Love! We really live in an interesting time!

I´m not a doctor, not a licensed therapist and I know that trying to tell someone with an eating disorder they need help can be a sensitive subject and they might not take that suggestion well. 

I have an accredited Certificate of Nutrition and Diet Coaching, Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Eating disorders certificate, I finished my Diet and Nutritional Advisor Diploma studies and started Biochemistry and Eating Psychology Diploma courses. I get knowledge every day and I have my own experience of fighting with my demons. Some people just afraid to speak about their problems as they are surrounded by those, who never understand them. Here are me and the community of the same people, with the same story. Don´t be afraid and share your emotions here!!!

What should you expect of this blog?

Help and support. Information about different eating disorders, my story of how I fight with mine. You will find here useful articles about nutrition, where I explain why you shouldn´t be afraid of food, you will understand that carbs are not the enemy and fats are the best friends of your beauty. I´ll explain how to find the best products, what micronutrients mean and why your body needs them, I´ll show you how to prepare easy and delicious food, how to treat your body, mind and how to become the best version of yourself! Welcome aboard, Darling!